Ready to take your group to the next level? Portalbuzz can simplify administrative tasks and improve the experience for all members/participants. See for yourself ...

Hands-on demo
Log in to try a real-time example at Make edits, add, erase and re-arrange data to view functionality and see for yourself how quick and easy content updates can be. Try as many of the club/group management tools as you'd like.


  1. Go to You have arrived at an example of a club's public website. Check out all the features. This is just one design template of six, so far. More are in the works.
  2. To test-drive the other admin functions, click Member Login at the bottom of the left-hand menu.
  3. User the following login info:
    1. E-mail:
    2. Password: demo
  4. Arrive at the demo Member Start Page (if no demo data has been added, it'll be mostly blank).
  5. Open and explore all the functions in the left-hand menu. The public website editor is listed as "Public Website Content" under Administration.